The Category Snapshot offers vital category overview information to support your needs to…

  • Prepare for buyer meetings, brand presentations, or tradeshow materials
  • Assess subcategory performance within the category
  • Identify product trends, performers, drivers and decliners
  • Detect macro trends within a category to better empower your category managers
  • Gain a better understanding of the category within the independent pharmacy channel
  • Determine your company’s plans to enter or exit a category

Multiple sources of data are compiled, and through HRG's proprietary analytical process, Tri-PAC™, companies in the health, beauty, and wellness segment can see a unique view of product performance across the drug channel. Tri-PAC™ utilizes three sources of nationwide sales data and combines them in a performance analysis calculation (PAC) to provide a robust view of movement and sales that includes the individual product, and its product type, subcategory, and category.

Category Snapshot Price:
$2,400 Per Category

A user can log in and download at any time and
will be invoiced for each category downloaded.